Three Alternatives to Sympathy Flowers

Are sympathy flowers the last word in memorial gifts? Turns out, not always. Learn more, today!

Funeral flowers are a powerful tradition in britain and around the globe.  Friends and family send sympathy flowers right into the bereaved or send floral tributes to the funeral director in order that they may be contained in the ceremony.

Funeral flowers are one of those classic mourning traditions that we tend to take as always being the same, no matter where you go. Friends will be in attendance. Family members will send sympathy flowers. And floral tributes are as much a part of that as anything else.

However, these arrangements may not always feel like the perfect way to say what you want. Maybe you understand your bereaved friend’s tastes, and they don’t include flowers. Perhaps you’re worried they'll see it as a waste. The sight of wilting flowers can also be difficult when you’re grieving.  

Maybe it’s time to find something more appropriate (or even more meaningful) to help manage this awkward situation. Listed below are three different sympathy presents for bereaved friends and family, to let them know you’re thinking of them, without having to resort to flowers:

Potted Plants

Flower arrangements are great, but they inevitably wilt and die. Throwing those flowers away can feel like premature closure. The funeral is now over, the flowers have died, and their loved one is gone for good.

Potted plants, however, are longer-lasting, brightening up a room just as effectively as flower arrangements.


Cooking for the bereaved is a terrific, practical way to give support in the days and weeks following their loss. Rather than sympathy flowers, you can ship a basket of bread or other sweet treats. Or, if you want to keep it healthy, a basket of fruit is equally as thoughtful. 

Whatever you send them, it’s a good idea to write a condolence message with the gift. In the weeks leading up to and following the funeral, you may think about making some pre-prepared meals that your friend can keep in the refrigerator or freezer and heat up whenever they can't find the energy to cook for themselves.

Donating to Charity

Nowadays, many men and women actually to make a charitable donation instead of spending money on flowers. Maybe you’ll select a worthy cause that's near your heart. Maybe you’ll pick one close to the deceased’s. If they were fighting a specific illness, contributions to charities exploring a remedy could be appropriate.

However you choose to commemorate the dead, personally, a professional funeral service is the best way there is to bring family and friends together to memorialize them. Visit Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services, today, to find out more about our funeral portfolio.

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