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Our Memorial Services In Florida

The importance of offering a memorial service lies in having the opportunity to commemorate our loved one in the company of more family and friends. It is a beautiful way to honor the memory of the person that we have lost.


Sharing a moment, photos, or videos of that person, preparing their favorite meal, telling their stories, or simply being together and remembering those cherished details can help to deal with grief healthily.


A memorial service is an ideal complement to a funeral service, visitation, or cremation. Our Funeral Home is here to help you create a unique memorial service and provide you with an extraordinary location by the sea, premium hospitality, and caring staff. Our satisfied customers endorse our service with their testimonials.

What is a Memorial?

Memorial services give family and friends an opportunity to pay tribute to their loved one’s memory and support one another in their grief journeys. Because after the funeral, one’s journey through grief isn’t over.


A memorial service is similar to a funeral service and celebration of life ceremony but serves a slightly different purpose. It doesn’t include a visitation and is held after the funeral, often on significant days such as:

  • A loved one’s birthday 
  • The anniversary of a loved one’s passing 
  • Holidays such as Valentine’s Day

You can hold your memorial service in a funeral home, church, or significant location such as their gravesite, memorial location, or one of their favorite places. 

You can use the memorial service as a time to share more memories of your loved one and to gather with friends and family. Use it as a time to reflect on your loss and to connect with those you love. 


Just because you already had a funeral or celebration of life service, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to gather to honor their life. Memorial services can be held at any point in your grief journey and often take place well after the deceased is buried or cremated.


Memorial Ideas

Some creative ways to personalize a memorial service are: 

  • Having family and friends share memories with their loved one. Guests could have the chance to share their stories in front of everyone, or you could all break off into smaller groups and go around sharing your memories with your loved one.  
  • Choosing readings, prayers, and other materials that remind you of your loved one. 
  • Serving your loved one’s favorite food or signature recipes. A potluck is a great way for everyone to be involved.
  • Making a DIY memento together, such as a scrapbook or personalized photo frame. 
  • Playing your loved one’s favorite music or music that reminds you of them. Perhaps they enjoyed a local musician who you could hire to play a few songs.


Our Options By The Beach  

 We have two spectacular locations to hold your loved one's memorial service. Feel free to visit our residences at Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach. Our privileged spots by the ocean and the city will make your memorial more personalized.



Want to Learn More About Memorial Services?

Your loved one’s life can be honored at any point in your grief journey. Our staff at Woodward Funeral Home and Cremation Services can help your family plan a beautiful memorial service to pay tribute to your loved one.   





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