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At Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services, we understand our family's need for various cremation options that allow them to carry out their loved one's wishes. You need an established name in the industry - someone you can trust to carry out the cremation in a way that honors your loved one and gives you the room you need to grieve while still taking care of this important process. 


Death is never easy, but at Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services we make it our mission to treat you and your loved ones with the respect they deserve. During this difficult process we promise to walk you through the process and be there for you each step of the way. We offer a variety of cost-effective cremation services in Ormond Beach, designed to fit your needs. Cremation is one of the most common options for people looking to memorialize their loved ones, so we make it our mission to bring you expert services.


A Wide Range Of Cremation Packages

As a funeral and cremation specialist, it’s important for us to start by knowing we own and manage our crematory. Woodward uses this facility to perform cremations for our clientele. You get the knowledge that your family member remains in our care throughout the entire process. 


In addition, we give our clients options to choose, for a cremation that matches your needs as closely as possible. Simply choose from our comprehensive list of cremation services in Ormond Beach and let our professional team handle everything else. Your options to choose from include:

  • Direct cremation: Depending on your needs and preferences, some of our clients prefer a more “simple” cremation, which we provide by way of direct cremation. This is a cremation with no memorial or service of any sort. Direct cremation packages include transportation of your loved one to our facility, climate-controlled pre-cremation housing, the actual cremation, and returning the cremains to the family in a temporary container. Woodward submits all applicable permits for the cremation itself, as well as the necessary death certificate.


  • Private Visitation: With having a private showing of your loved one, we give the family a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones before the cremation is carried out. This service incorporates the same features associated with direct cremation, in addition to allowing the private family to visit at a set time.


  • Celebration of Life: With a celebration of life, friends and family come together in a ceremony, where they can commemorate and celebrate their loved ones’ memories. As for location, the family is allowed to choose, and the urn, cremains, photos, and various personal items are all allowed at the service in whatever combination is agreed upon. All of this is offered in addition to the standard direct cremation services outlined above. 


  • Memorial: This option is considered the closest to a “traditional” service. Friends and family gather to reflect on the life of their loved ones, in a similar way to a celebration of life. This service is provided in addition to a standard direct cremation, as outlined above.


  • Traditional Cremation: For families looking into a more traditional ceremony, rental casket visitations allow friends, family, and the public to pay their respects in a more standard casket showing. This is followed by a direct cremation, featuring all of the services mentioned above


  • Anatomical Body Donation: For those clients with loved ones who wanted their bodies left to science, Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services works in partnership with local universities to allow for the donation of your loved ones’ remains.

On Out Of State Services

Of course, not all deaths are going to happen where the friends and family of the deceased can easily get to the service. If your loved one has passed away in another city or state, Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services’ cremation services Ormond Beach offerings can help to coordinate the move.


Our customers usually take one of two routes:

  • Out-of-state shipping: A direct cremation takes place at Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services, as outlined above. Thereafter, the departed’s cremains are shipped out of state in a temporary container or an urn, according to your specific needs. Cremains are sent priority next day through the United States Postal Service and require a signature upon delivery.

Cremation Services: Ormond Beach

Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services offers cremations carried out by a team of qualified, trained professionals. We understand how important this process is to all of our clients, and we take every measure to treat you and your loved ones with respect and dignity. Our job is to bring you comprehensive care and cremation that honors your loved one as well as your family. If you have any questions or we can help you in any other way, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Ormond Beach Funeral Home office. 

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