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There are many things about losing someone we love that seem completely unfair. By far the most difficult, for most of us, is simply saying goodbye. After all, this is someone we’ve grown to love, appreciate, or, at the very least, gotten used to having around. But saying goodbye is also one of the most important parts of grieving. We process pain by finding outlets for our longing and sadness. We find ways to let go, so the people we love can become happy memories instead of a sadness that weighs us down forever. 


And one of the best ways to start this part of your grieving process? For many of us, a funeral is step number one. At Woodward Cremation and Funeral Services, it’s our job to help you and your family say goodbye with funeral services in Ormond Beach. Because we understand that every family is different, and any passing is bound to feel profoundly personal. We help out with a variety of funeral services of different sizes, perfect for your unique needs. We help you to finalize the process in a way you feel comfortable, so you get a perfect service.


Death is never easy. But honoring someone after they’ve gone is one of the biggest honors a person can undertake. And it’s our honor to help with that process. So, with that said, let’s put your options for a burial service with Woodward under the microscope and take a closer look at how you can say goodbye with dignity.

Funeral Services: Ormond Beach

When it comes to funeral services, most of us aren’t experts, and that’s okay. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about funerals to say goodbye. You just need to speak to the right people and know that they’re handling it.


Start with finding a service that works for you and, most often, the deceased’s last wishes. It’s not uncommon for our loved ones to ask for very specific things when they pass. Maybe it’s something in a bigger ceremony, a public viewing with all of their closest friends and relatives around to say goodbye. Maybe they didn’t want anything too big. Something smaller was more their speed, and that’s closer to your own budget needs as well. Whatever your unique situation may be, what’s most important is to have a funeral service you are comfortable with.


But that’s easier said than done, in many cases. Everybody’s unique, after all, and you may need unique services to match that need. That’s why we offer a range of options tailored to you. Choose the service based on your needs, from any of the following:

  • Immediate Burial: With an immediate burial, friends and family can have their loved one buried or entombed in a simple process without any sort of public ceremony. Foregoing a gathering makes for a more direct option, and is actually very common in families where death happens unexpectedly. It’s also helpful in cases where the family is operating according to a strict budget. You get the benefit of a burial and a site somewhere you and your loved ones can visit in the future, without having to invest in a full ceremony.

  • Visitation or Wake: When you or your family want to pay your last respects in person, a wake or visiting ceremony is the more appropriate option. Family and friends can gather with the deceased in an open or closed casket and say their final goodbyes. Because we understand that expressing your love, regret, and best wishes in a time like this aren’t just good for you, but good for the people around you as well.

    One of the most important parts of the funeral process is giving the family a chance to express mutual sympathy and support. Death is an isolating experience and there’s a tendency to feel like we’re going through it alone. When we show ourselves and each other that we aren’t actually alone, we process death in a healthier way. We come together in solidarity, and that’s what the visitation part of a funeral is all about.

  • Memorial Services: Typically held at the funeral home itself, a memorial service may also be conducted at a church the deceased frequented or even at their family’s home. Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services makes itself flexible for you, so you can choose a location that makes sense to you personally.

    The service consists of a ceremony where you can celebrate and honor the deceased in whatever way is most appropriate for you and them. How it plays out is up to you, and may even benefit from your personal touch.

  • Funeral or chapel services: With this style of ceremony, the gathering itself takes place in the cemetery before the cremation or entombment. So, family and friends can gather at the site where their loved one is about to be buried and say goodbye. Being able to be there, in person, gives the entire process a final note to end on and can help to start a healthy period of mourning for their surviving family.

Funeral Services in Ormond Beach with Woodward

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things most of us will ever experience. Unexpected or as a result of illness or old age, it’s the saying goodbye that makes this such a difficult and unwelcome task. At Woodward Cremation & Funeral Services, we’re here to make that task a little easier. 

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