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Death is a trying time for a multitude of reasons. There is the emotional turmoil that comes with losing a loved one, but also the job of dealing with their debts and the cost of their funerals. Everything has a price, and that price isn’t always easy to afford. If you are not careful, you might be leaving all of this up to your loved ones. It is vital that you make sure they are taken care of when you pass, and life insurance is one way to accomplish that. While some of the cost can be taken out of your estate, it also takes away from what is being left to your loved ones, and that is if the estate covers it all. If you are married, your estate might not even factor in fully because she might have to take over part of the debt. This is on top of the funeral costs.


   While we enjoy keeping the prices of our funerals reasonable, we still have to charge for our services. Not everyone will have the money to pay for a funeral out of pocket, even if multiple family members come together for it. Some people are just making it as it is, much less having an extra expense added onto it. It becomes harder because, for the most part, we have no idea when we are going to go. It is not something we can accurately plan for, we have to just be generally prepared for it. Getting a life insurance policy and other forms of savings or investment accounts is a good way to have that preparedness.


   Other ways to help loved ones after your passing can be, as we said, a savings account or investment account. A savings account is an account you put money in and let it grow over time. An investment account, on the other hand, is an account you put money into to be invested by yourself or by others. An investment account can grow at different paces depending on how you are investing and how much? It might grow by a little by investments and more by your own deposits into it. The great part is many accounts have ways to deposit funds without doing it manually. One such way is through accounts that offer what is called “round-ups”. In a roundup account, when you purchase something, the total is rounded up and the extra is put into the account. So if you buy a coffee for $3.50, it will be rounded to $4.00 and that extra .50 cent is invested. It might seem small, but when you consider all the things we buy it can grow quickly. Some banks offer accounts like these, while some apps do as well, such as Acorns.


   Of course, there is nothing stopping you from doing more than one of these methods, or other methods such as getting savings bonds. You don’t have to go crazy preparing for the afterlife, just make sure your family is protected if anything happens to you. Set it up and let it grow on its own. When that day does come that you have to say goodbye, you can rest assured knowing your family is taken care of. They will have the financial assets you set up for them, and the caring guidance of Dale Woodward funeral home to set up everything else.

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