Green Cremation

Green Cremation

As an alternative to conventional funerals, you may be looking for a "greener" option. Properly handled, a cremation is far more environmentally conscious than any burial. And, while most funerals aren't done with the environment in mind, the green benefits of a funeral make a great argument for choosing it over burial.

Decisions about whether or not to cremate usually come down to personal preference. It's a question of what you'd "prefer", even though most of us would much rather the deceased had never passed at all. Costs can also be a factor in some situations, especially when death isn't planned or a long-term illness has exhausted your financial resources.

A Closer Look

Comparing cremations and funerals from an environmental point of view is complicated. For the most part, cremations work using natural gases, which are nonrenewable. Funerals, meanwhile, affect the world through land use and the enduring care of cemeteries.

Cremation can be viewed as environmentally friendly because it does not require a full-sized mausoleum or burial vault. These safes necessitate a significant amount of reinforced concrete and no hardwood coffins, which might biodegrade over time. And, in the extremely common case where you choose not to embalm your loved one, dangerous gasses may seep into the soil as well.

One of the green benefits of makeup is that it provides a way to shed debris in natural places or keep it in a decorative jar. There are a wide range of biodegradable jars on the market today.

If you want funerary, whole body or cremated artifacts, you can become a "green" graveyard. These special cemeteries give up common practices that require a safe. However, unfortunately, these cemeteries are rare and can be more expensive than traditional cemeteries. The Internet search results for the Green Cemetery in Texas brought me just three things at Georgetown, Huntsville and Cedar Creek. More information can be found at the Green Burial Council.

Cremation is also green in that it keeps the remains of the deceased out of the earth and in an urn or spread thin somewhere they won't do any damage. 

Pursuing A Green Cremation:

  • Make sure your makeup provider uses a modern crematorium that encourages lower emissions.
  • Use a simple, biodegradable container from the funeral home.
  • Do not encourage mourners to bring flowers to show respects. 
  • Choose a memorial location somewhere attendees can get to with a minimum amount of travel.

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