Dedicating A Memorial Bench

Learn How To Dedicate A Memorial Bench

Honoring the life of a loved one who's recently passed away takes many forms. People do this in ways that mean something personal to them, from planting trees to painting a picture using paints mixed with the ashes. What's most important is to find something that stirs emotion in you.


One of the more popular options is buying a commemorative bench. Whatever your experience, there are questions about buying and installing a commemorative bench. And today, we'll be taking a closer look at all of them.


Where Can I Place A Bench Like This?


A common question many families ask is, "Can I install a memorial bench somewhere public where my loved one had a special relationship with the area?" Some prefer to set up the bench in their backyard, where they can feel "close" to their loved ones. Others choose their favorite cemetery, church, or private woodland area.


But how can you get a commemorative bench set up in a public place? You'll need to contact your local government or council and apply for permission before you start. Often, these councils will have monument plans that allow for dedications like this in local gardens and national parks. You may purchase a bench via an online application, and though you may not get access to the exact park and area you wanted, you can get as close as is possible.


What Kinds Of Benches Are Available?


Commemorative benches are available in a variety of materials, from wood to stone and metal. Wood species may include anything from teak to mahogany, oak, pine, and robe. They're available in three, four or five seats, and in various designs and styles.


Do I Choose The Bench?


This depends on which town or city you live in. Based on where you are, there are policies related to building these benches. Some councils will provide their own benches, and others leaving it up to the family to pick one out.


How Much Will The Bench Cost?


If your city provides the bench for you, the cost will vary based on its location, size, and the size of the inscription. There will also be a charge for the installation and ongoing maintenance. You'll run into more or less money for things like stamped plaques or custom flags. All things considered and depending on the design and materials being, the average bench will cost around $400.


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