Dealing with the Loss of Your Pet

Death is one of those strange parts of our lives. It’s the one thing we’re all guaranteed to go through at one stage or another, and yet when the people around us pass away, it never fails to feel like the world is coming to an end. And it’s a testament to how much we love our pets that, when our dog or cat or bird or turtle passes, for many of us it hurts just as much as if a family member had died.


But how do we cope with the passing of a beloved pet? What are the best ways to process the sudden loss of these important animals, and is there an appropriate amount of sadness that goes with this mourning?


Join us today, as we bring you five effective tips for dealing with the loss of your pet.

Coping With Pet Loss


Feeling sad or disappointed at the passing of a loved one is completely natural. Grieving is just a part of the process - these people and animals are our companions, after all. When they die, no matter how natural, it’s their loss from our lives that makes us sad. Without the emotional support and love they offer, life can become incredibly overwhelming.


Understanding your grief can help you to cope with its associated loss. Some of the following steps can help you to maneuver through this challenging time:



  • Be honest and give yourself permission to grieve.


  • Reach out to anyone who can lend a sympathetic ear.


  • Write your feelings down somewhere secret and safe.


  • Ask local humane societies about pet-loss support groups.


  • Give your pet their own unique memorial.



Pet Loss: Above All, Go Easy On Yourself


Ultimately, nothing is going to make losing a beloved pet "easy". How could it? There are reasons our pets mean so much to us, and having to suddenly process their passing is difficult.

Whatever you do, always remember to give yourself time to feel your feelings, and remember the joy they brought to your life.

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