Choosing a Casket

Imagine you are buying a house. This isn’t any house though. You are going to live in this house forever. Literally, you are never going to leave this place. That is because today we are shopping for a casket.


Caskets come in many different styles, materials, and accessories. From the most basic to the most luxurious you have limitless options. Today we are going to break down some of those options. We will look at the materials you can get a casket in and some styles. So sit back, relax, and let’s go buy a casket.


Materials - Metal


Metal Caskets are the more expensive form of a casket. They can come with gaskets to help preserve the inside of the casket. You can get metal caskets with gaskets to reduce cost though.


Bronze And Copper: Bronze and copper caskets are generally the more expensive caskets. They do not rust though they will oxidize in time. Generally speaking, though they are the longest lasting types of caskets.


Stainless And Carbon Steel: The cheaper metal categories. Stainless and Carbon Steel are durable metals that come in various thickness. 20- 18- and 16- gauge with -16 being the thickest.


Materials - Wood


Wood caskets come in many different types of wood. Hardwood caskets like mahogany are the more expensive wood caskets. Lighter wood like pine is the less expensive. There are also options such as wood veneer that further reduce the price.




When it comes to caskets, there are two main styles. There are the half couch and full couch. The half-couch is the most common version. Half couch means the lid is in two pieces. The top half of the casket is opened during a viewing, showing the top half of the deceased. In contrast, a full couch is a one-piece lid.


An extra add-on is a secret drawer. Caskets will come with a secret drawer to contain items to be buried with. These draws are small and meant for small items. Items such as jewelry, letters, and other personal belongings.


If you are seeking a casket or any help with a funeral for a loved one, contact Dale Woodward today.


Woodward have an open line for grieving families. The Dale Woodward family is not a business, it’s a part of the community. This makes for the best help with seeking advice with grieving. A funeral home with it’s heart in the city and it’s people is one here to help.

Learn more about how Dale Woodward helps grieving families.  Visit our Grief Management page. We have resources open to everyone in need. To get advice for your grieving, or to begin preparing for a funeral, contact us today.

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