You Can't Fix it Today

Losing a loved one is difficult. When it first happens we might feel that a piece of us has gone missing. After the fact it might feel like that piece is never coming back. In a way it really is never coming back, but it doesn’t mean we will never heal. It just means that it will take some time. In the modern world we have become accustomed to the feeling of instant satisfaction and gratification. We post a photo on Instagram and watch as the likes come in. We post our feelings on Facebook and see friends come with helpful words. We go to Starbucks and five minutes later we have a double mocha cappuccino with soy milk.


When we lose a loved one there is nothing instant about it. No sudden good feeling or suddenly moving on. No fancy latte that can cause all the confusing feelings to go away. Something that we don’t often realize is that this is okay. We become so use to everything coming and going so quickly we forget that some things need time. Especially when it comes to something as impactful as this.


So take time to recover. Take time to mourn the person that has passed on. Dale Woodward will be here to help take off some of the pressure by handling the funeral arrangements. We understand how difficult this time can be. So we are dedicated to helping our clients any way we can. To begin the process, or learn about pre planning, contact Dale Woodward today at (386) 253-7601.

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