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With so much going on after a loved on passes on, what to wear to the funeral is most likely not a high priority. So we wanted to take a chance to give you a quick guide to what to wear, so you can worry about more pressing matters. We all know that you should wear black, but what about beyond that? Do you even know why you are expected to wear black? It started back with the Romans, who would wear black togas as a sign of mourning and it just kind of went on from there. Not everyone wears black though. Wearing black at a funeral is mainly a Christian item, and with so many in America being Christian, it is often how we see people at funerals. Other religions, such as the Hindu religion, will have its practitioners wear white instead of black. For this article we will be following the main guidelines for most funerals. If you are attending a unique funeral, for a friend or family member of a different religion, you can either follow this guide as well since it goes with your own culture, or find a way to follow the culture of the deceased. Asking friends of the deceased or using Google is a great way to do this.


The main thing for your basic funeral though is as we said, wearing black. Black is often associated with death. Even in media, beings that are related to Death, or portraying Death will wear black. It is also a great way to blend in with the others around you. The main focus is the deceased, and all attention should be on them. You don’t want to stand out with bright colors, but more on that in a minute. For now, let’s get started on those tips.


Dark Suits or Dresses: The basic dark suit or dress is perfect for a funeral. They are dark, or black in nature, don’t stick out, and either come already fitting the critiquer we are about to mention, or will with little modification. They don’t have to be fancy either. You don’t plan on a funeral happening, and it’s understandable if you don’t have a nice suit or dress ready for it. You can rent an outfit for the occasion, or many thrift shops have a selection that will work just fine.


Don’t Draw Attention: As we said, the main attention of the funeral is the recently departed. This is not a time to try and wow people with your outfit. Chances are people are hardly going to notice it right now. Just go with plain, functional, and comfortable.


Plan Ahead: What kind of weather is it going to be at the funeral? If it is going to rain, pair your outfit with a black umbrella, or if it is going to be sunny out pair it with a black sunhat. Avoid casual items such as baseball hats. Fedoras, sunhats, and even cowboy hats will all fit in. Also, it is a good idea to avoid pointy heels. You don’t want to try walking to the site of the burial while your feet are digging constantly into the dirt. You also don’t want to interrupt the funeral because you twisted your ankle, which also you generally don’t want to twist your ankle either.


Don’t Be Too Revealing: When at a funeral, it is usually expected to dress modestly. Don’t wear revealing clothing. The general rules might actually be a little excessive, but a funeral is a rare and important occasion. Some basic rules are to not have your shoulders showing and to make sure your skirt reaches at least to your knees. If your dress doesn’t cover your shoulders a jacket can be worn as well to complete the look, or other fashion accessories. As long as they fall in line with the other guidelines.


Don’t Be Excessive: You want to look nice, but it’s not really an occasion to go crazy with. Don’t go and buy a top dollar designer suit when you are only going to wear it for at most a day. Keep the idea of plain and functional when you shop, and don’t worry about the perfect diamond earrings to go with it. It doesn’t mean you can’t go out with a friend to try them on, which might actually help keep your spirits up. Just don’t treat it like it’s a big spending day.


Follow these basic rules and you will do fine at the funeral. The main part of it all is simply you being there. It shows respect to the deceased and support for those who are still here. Sometimes the simple action of showing up can do so much more than anything material can. So even if it is hard to deal with, and often times death is difficult to handle, it can make all the difference if you show up. Dale Woodward Funeral Homes understands how difficult this can be, and so while you take care of the outfit, we will take top care of your loved ones for you.

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