What to Take Beyond the Grave

   There is a famous saying that “You can’t take it with you when you die”. Well first off, don’t tell us what we can and can’t do, secondly, we can and we will. For centuries people have been buried with their processions. From the pyramids of the ancient pharaohs to the burning ships of Vikings to the 1967 Ferrari of a wealthy woman, we have been taking our treasures to the grave with us. While we might not be taking mountains of gold with us like the pharaohs, many choose to take some treasured possession with them to the grave. Yes, this includes the 1967 Ferrari. Typically these items are much more personal though, than actual valuable treasures. They tend to be jewelry, family photos, keepsakes, things that are important to the person. What can you take to the afterlife and how do you make sure it gets there after you depart?

  Really, you can take pretty much anything you own when you depart from this world. As long as it fits inside the coffin there really isn’t an issue. So feel free to take anything that has sentimental meaning to you, or even anything you think would be cool to take. You only get one funeral, so don’t be afraid to get buried with your hands resting on a replica of Excalibur, or go simple and just carry that special locket you got from your special someone all those years ago. If you want to bring something that won’t fit inside of the coffin such as a Ferrari like we mentioned above, you are going to have to talk to the funeral director and pay a little extra for the effort.


   If someone you know has departed and you want something to be buried with them, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their beliefs or last will and testament, you can bring it to the funeral home to be placed with them. Just make sure it is something that would want to be buried with and does not interfere with their own religious beliefs, as it can be seen as disrespectful by some.


   The easiest way to make sure that whatever it is you want to bring with you makes it there is to include it in your last will and testament. Your last will and testament is a legal document that is hard to challenge in case someone tries arguing that an item should be left with them instead of buried with the deceased. If you are preplanning you can also speak with the funeral director about what it is you wish to be buried with. They can help make the proper arrangements to ensure that it makes it into the casket with you. Finally, you should inform your family of your intentions to be buried with an item, and for someone to bring it to the funeral home for you.


   One exception to the rule is cremation. When it comes to cremation all metal must be removed from the body including jewelry, which limits what they can be cremated with. To see if something can be included in the cremation, contact the funeral director.


   At Dale Woodward, we do all that we can to make each client feel respected and to help them in their trying times of need. Speak to our funeral director about your funeral needs and see what we can do to help.

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