What Gifts to Send

When a person loses someone close to them, the effects can be devastating. Especially if that person was a family member or loved one. It is hard to really do much to help them because the thing they want the most none of us can give them. We can find small ways to show our support, however, such as being around for them. There are also sympathy gifts that can be given. The traditional way of sending a sympathy gift is by sending flowers. Flowers and funerals have gone together for as long as anyone can remember. Even years after someone is gone we leave flowers on their gravestone. While this is definitely a sentimental way to show support and love, there are other ways.


A sympathy gift can have a few different purposes behind it. They can be ways to show support, to make things easier, or to help someone remember the loved one they lost. Flowers are a beautiful way to show support, but there are other ways that are just as appreciated. Things such as:


Food: The person in question is going to have a lot of responsibility on their plate. Giving them a food basket or even just groceries helps remove one responsibility from that plate and shows that you are there for them. You can even go a step further and make dinner yourself for them. You can combine both of these too.


Beauty and Body Products: We like to pamper ourselves sometimes. This isn't always going out shopping or having a nice fancy dinner. Sometimes it's just laying in a bathtub with a nice bath bomb, some candles, and lavender scented lotion. Get them a basket of things like lotion, bath bombs, bubble baths, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, candles, oils, etc. Things they can use to escape the stress of their situation for a little while.


Jewelry: Everyone likes a nice piece of jewelry. Even men can enjoy a masculine necklace or a fancy watch. It doesn't have to be expensive, just nice enough to show you are there for them. You can see about doing engraving as well. Marking them with the name of the lost one and their life dates.


Pieces of Encouragement: Find something that has encouraging words or advice for someone. Maybe a poster with a quote about not giving up, or a knick knack with a bible quote on it. Something that will inspire them in these trying times they are facing.


Friendship: Remember, more than anything you could possibly give someone, your friendship is the most important and most cherished. Giving someone your friendship means they don't have to face this time alone. You could be what keeps them going, keeps them staying positive. So above all else you can do, always be a friend. Even if you are a family member, it doesn't mean you can't be a friend as well.


What gift you give in this trying time is up to you. We here at Dale Woodward Funeral Services in Daytona beach will handle the heavy lifting, you handle the emotional aspects of it.

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