Top Five Places to Scatter Ashes

There are many things you can choose to do with your loved one’s ashes after they have been cremated. Some of the most common are entombing the ashes in a columbarium, burying them in a graveyard, or keeping them at home in an urn.

Some, however, have found unusual ways to use the ashes of those closest to them. You can turn these into glass memorial jewellery or even have them sent into space! And there are new options being created every day.

The most popular choice for many people is to scatter the ashes of their loved one in more meaningful locations to them. A small ceremony may be held among close friends and relatives. Of course there are many different places people can scatter ashes. 

Private Land

Many people may choose to scatter your loved one on private land, such as in a garden or field. Considering that you would technically need permission if you want to do this, it is more convenient when it is your own private land.

The main concern with scattering your loved one’s ashes on private land is the visitation rights. For example, your garden may seem like the perfect place but then many years later you move, your visitation may be restricted.


Rivers, streams and lakes are another popular choice for scattering ashes. You may not necessarily need to ask permission to do this. You should, however, check with the Environment Agency that the stretch of river into which you intend to scatter the ashes is not near a water extraction point. Avoid stretches of river with people bathing or fishing.

To mark the occasion of remembrance, some people may add cut flowers or petals to the ashes to watch their flow down the river. However, the Environment Agency asks that you do not cast nonbiodegradable flowers plastic wreaths into the river, to prevent environmental pollution.

Out At Sea

Fortunately, you do not need a licence to scatter ashes in the sea as many beaches and coastlines are publicly accessible. However, choose a spot away from swimmers and fishermen in consideration of those also using the beach.

Beaches and clifftops can be very windy so make sure that you are aware of wind and weather conditions. You could also hire someone to take you on a boat to the scatter ashes at sea. The best part about this option is that there are few visitation restrictions, if any at all.

Mountains and Hilltops

A beautiful setting for saying goodbye to a loved one is a mountain or hilltop. Keep in mind that, although cremation ashes are not toxic, in large amounts they can have an impact on plant life. It is best to avoid scattering ashes on mountain peaks, where plant life and ecosystems can be quite fragile.

Go further down the mountain and scatter the ashes over an area, not one small spot specifically.

Famous areas and climbs known for their beauty may have many visitors, and finding a private spot to say goodbye may be a struggle. Try to stand upwind as you scatter the ashes as mountainsides and hilltops can also be very windy.

Most importantly: if you are hiking to your destination, your own safety should be your top priority. Always stay on marked paths and avoid areas with sudden drops, loose rocks and severe weather conditions.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Ride

Although it is not recommended or encouraged, a strangely yet increasingly popular location is to scatter your loved ones ashes at “The Haunted Mansion” ride at Disney’s famous theme parks.

It is done so often that cast members actually have a code word for it! Next time you are at Disney, waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion ride and hear someone say "HEPA cleanup," just know that they're about to vacuum up someone's ashes.

Another popular ride that people scatter ashes at is “It’s a Small World.” The entire park, for the most part, actually contains traces of human remains due to the large number of people who scatter ashes here every year.

Disney has yet to make any significant fuss over the issue but it is a misdemeanor if caught as well as a $10,000 fine. Chances are the remains will also be vacuumed up, so Disney may not be the best option.

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