Three Important Questions Your Funeral Director Should Ask

The passing of a loved one is never easy, and it’s not everyone who takes to the funeral process easily. Regardless of who you are, it’s a complicated issue with a lot of emotions that swirl around it, and there’s a lot that may go unchecked in the chaos of the whole procedure.

What you need is someone in your corner to help you through this difficult time. And, while your friends and family may be there for you on some level or another, there’s nobody as insightful as someone from the industry.

You may not expect it of them, but your funeral director can help you navigate this tricky path. Join us, today, as we bring you three important questions your funeral director should ask if you’re feeling overwhelmed

What's On Your Mind?

As much as we all talk about how a funeral shouldn't be a mournful thing but a celebration of life, the truth is it can be a stressful time. There's a lot to take care of, a lot of considerations to make, and a lot of emotions in the air. It can be easy to lose track of what you’re doing and how well you’re dealing with everything in all the rush and chaos.

You need someone to check in with you, and if you’re working with a good funeral director they’ll make sure to ask you open-ended questions to do exactly that. It’s a way of inviting you to let out everything that’s been on your mind.

Try to open up, if you get asked this question. It doesn’t matter if you sound crazy or if the thoughts don’t sound very poetic or clear. Just let it out and don’t waste time judging yourself. And if you get done and there’s time to spare, try just sitting in silence for a little while and see what comes of that.

How Are You Feeling?

The twin issue to your thoughts during a funeral is the question of what exactly you’re feeling. When you approach a funeral director who knows what it is to be in the throes of grief, they’ll make sure to follow up with you on how you’re feeling. Even if it’s in passing, any professional worth their salt will know to ask this question.

As with the question of what it is you’re thinking, it’s best to answer how you’re feeling as honestly as possible. Try to list more than just one - don’t stop at “sad”, but really take a look at what it is you’re feeling. There’s a reason people refer to it as letting it out.

As a method of self-therapy, try going home afterward and writing some of them down to make them more real to yourself by acknowledging them on paper. It will also provide meaningful reflection for you later on. And in a situation where you need to process a death in a healthy way, that’s a great investment in the future.

And on that note...

What Are You Grateful For?

The single best question you could ask yourself in a funeral situation is also the one you’re least likely to think of, first: “What are you grateful for?”

Because what’s to be grateful for when you’re burying your loved ones, right? Only, there are always things, and those things can be central to your healing process. List at least five things you feel grateful for in the midst of all the bad things happening in your life right now. Write them down or at least say them to someone.

Gratitude is the fastest way to pull yourself out of a slump. It might sound shallow, but it works, and you’ll feel the relief of using it during this dark time in your life.

Dale Woodward: Helping You Through The Funeral Process

If you are currently in the process of arranging a funeral for a loved one, this can be a trying time for you (for obvious reasons). Take a little time out to discuss what you’re going through with your funeral director - you may be surprised at the kinds of insights you can use to help get yourself through this.

Dale Woodward is a full-service funeral home operating out of Holly Hill and Ormond Beach. Burials, cremations, memorials, and specialty services such as pet cremations are all part of our service platform. We also offer grief support programs to help you through this difficult time. Reach out and contact us, and let Dale Woodward help you bring a touch of dignity to your funeral arrangements.

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