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 Each funeral is a unique experience for friends and family. While each funeral might follow the same formula, the parts that make up the formula can be customized to each person’s preference. One way that a funeral can be customized is with music. Music is a huge part of everyone’s life. We all have our own songs we can listen to time and time again. We have a song that lifts us up, we have songs that break us down when we need that emotional release. Music, rather we realize it or not, flows throughout every single part of our life. So why shouldn’t it be there for us at the end? The question is what music should you choose, how should it be played, and can it be played?


   Music has been a part of funeral services for quite a while. At the beginning, it was typically just organ music or maybe a hymn for the deceased. Now, however, there is a much wider variety of music that is possible for a funeral service. There are also many different ways for that music to be played. The only real obstacle you might run into is copyright issues. The funeral home is being paid to hold the funeral service, and so music they use might fall under copyright laws. If you want a song to be played, ask the funeral home and see if it is possible. There are some loopholes that might get you past copyright, but it’s always best to be sure before using them.


   Besides copyright, you need to make sure the song is appreciated not just for the deceased but for the mourners. While “Booty Booty Booty Everywhere” might lighten the mood, it won’t do much to show meaning and respect to the one they have lost. Sometimes this is easy to do because so many of us will share our music with each other on Facebook, Instagram, or just in person. Find the right song that really describes them, or really spoke to them. Feel free to ask friends and family that knew them what song they think would work best for the occasion. When you narrow down the list, make sure you look at lyrics too. Many songs might sound like it means one thing when really it has an entirely different meaning.


   The other thing to consider is how the music will be played. Songs can be played live at the funeral by family members, friends, or even someone hired to perform. They can be done digitally as well. While performing music live might be more personal you do need to find someone who can play the desired song, fit into your budget, and be open for the funeral. Digital might not be as personal, but it is more affordable and easier to set up.

   To learn more about what music can be played at the funeral of a loved one, contact Dale Woodward Funeral Home today. We can help set up a funeral service that will honor your loved one and help those who are there to mourn their passing. Visit us today in Daytona Beach.

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