The Power of Music

For as long as history can remember, we have had music. Before we had radio and electric guitars we had bards playing on lutes. Before that we had primitive drums and even earlier we always had the song of the birds. Music is something that evolves but never really dies. It also had a power all its own. Music has had the power to encourage troops marching to war and to turn anger into calmness. We might not really realize it, or maybe think that it is purely personal, but music is scientifically proven to affect our emotions.


Faster music can increase our blood flow, giving us energy while slower music can calm our nerves, which is often why it is used in meditation. Certain songs can also change how we feel. Some songs are even proven by scientists to leave us feeling more positive and generally happy. There are all kinds of lists you can find with a google search that will show songs that supposingly make us happier when we listen to them. Of course there are personal songs that resonate with a memory. Sometimes we here a song from a wedding, or a song a loved one loved to hear.


Positive music is one of many ways we can work to keep positive during trying times, especially when that trying time is the lost of a loved one. The mere absence of that person can create negative reminders on a daily basis. While we are learning to cope with this, it is good to have ways to keep us going. Music is a simple, everyday medicine we can take at our leisure and as much of it as we want.

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