One More Happy Birthday

When we lose a loved one, it can be difficult to ever fully move on. Not only because we lose a loved one, but because there will always be reminders of them in our life. One constant reminder that will always come back up is the deceased one’s birthday. They come around every year and even though they might not be around to celebrate them with us, we still remember them. So what can we do when it comes to birthday time? If we handle it alone it can get a little depressing. So here are some ways that you can continue to celebrate their birthday to make it a little less solemn.


Of course, with anything involving grieving, it is often beneficial to do these things with others as well. Have friend and family gather on the passed ones birthday, lean on each other for support and make this potentially sorrowful day one of family and remembrance.


Release Balloons: One practice some undertake on the birthday of a loved one that's left us is to release birthday balloons. They fill them with helium, write a personal message in magic marker or sharpie, and let it drift up into the sky. In a way, it is sending a message to a loved one that we can’t speak to directly anymore.


Do Something They Enjoyed: Many people have memories tied to a certain place or item. Maybe our parents loved going to a certain diner, or a friend loved a certain movie. Go to that diner on their birthday, watch that movie, or do whatever it was that created those happy memories with them.


Leave Them A Spot: Some people like to leave their loved ones a spot at the table, sometimes even setting out a plate for them. They might bring a photo out and place it in a main room to make it feel like they are with them on their birthday, or to just remember the good times they had there.


Buy Or Make A Cake: Some people will still make or buy a cake for a loved one that has passed on. It is a good way to bring friends and family together to enjoy cake in their honor, and can go in hand with our last suggestion. Leave a piece of cake for the departed.


You can get creative and find your own way to handle a loved one's birthday once they depart. Every person is unique and they handle their grief in their own way.

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