No Funeral?

We always want to fulfill our passing family or friends final wishes. Do what we can to
make them happy even when they have already left this earth. What if that final wish is to
not have any form of a funeral? Many people prefer to have a funeral for a loved one. It
gives them one final chance to say goodbye. To settle any grievance they might have had
and make peace with the departed. It can create a neutral ground for friends and family to
gather and mourn together. So when someone requests not to have a funeral it might
seem odd. You want a way to find closure yet can’t do it at a non-existing funeral. So
what other options do you have?
To clarify, not having a funeral does not mean they are not buried. It means they are
buried without a ceremony. They are still handled the same as they would be for a
funeral. They are still buried with a gravestone. The ceremony of it is the only thing that
is removed. This doesn’t mean you can’t have your own personal ceremony. It won’t be
their burial but can still be a gathering of friends and family. There are other ways you
can say your last goodbyes or seek closure from their passing.
Write An Obituary For A Newspaper: You read some sort of eulogy at a funeral. Since
this can’t happen you can create a beautiful obituary for the local newspaper. We
generally admire our loved ones and friends in some fashion. An obituary in the
newspaper is a way to show the world why we admired them.
Take Up Their Hobbies: Sometimes you can learn a lot about someone through their
hobbies. Trying a hobby they loved can place you in their mind. Help you feel closer to
them by following their interests. Most hobbies will allow you to create something in
their honor as well.
Host A Remembrance Or Homage: As we said before, you can hold your own
ceremony. It can be at home or at a place they would like to frequent. Gather friends and
family to share memories and give support to those who need it. Have a small table with
their photo and a candle. Even do a dinner and set them out a plate.
Donate To Their Cause: Many people believe in some cause. Some movement they
have a strong sentiment toward. Maybe it’s their local church helping the homeless.
Maybe they are an activist for the LGBT community or even a part of it. Whatever it was
they stood firmly for gather donations and give it to a charity in their name.

Tell Their Story: We miss someone because they have made some impact on our lives.
Rather it was small or life-changing. Pass how they have changed your life with the next
generation. If you have children let them know the lessons they taught you. You can even
place it on social media so more people can know what they have done and how they
influenced you.
Rather it is a funeral or a simple burial. Dale Woodward is determined to make it as
simple and stress-free as possible. We know this is an emotional time and we take pride
in lifting some of the hardship off our client's shoulders.
Top 5 Odd Alternatives To Being Buried

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have fireworks show instead of a
funeral? Apparently, someone did because that is an option now. We will talk more about
that in a second. There are some unique things you can have done instead of being buried
after death. We are going to take a look at the five most interesting ones to us. Rather
they make the list because they are fascinating or odd is completely up to you to decide.
Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Anyone can wear a diamond ring, but can they BE a
diamond ring? A company called LifeGem will take the carbon from someone’s ashes
and turn them into an actual diamond. They will then cut the diamond anyway you want
it to so you can place it in a piece of jewelry. Jewelry to die for became a lot more literal.
Be A Part Of CSI: No we don’t mean the show. We mean donate your body to a body
farm. A body farm is used by law enforcement for a couple of different reasons. One is to
study the decomposition of a body under different conditions. Another is to train people
and dogs how to find a buried or hidden body when at a potential crime scene.
Go Green: If you are going to be buried, you might as well become a tree as well. One
company will allow you to be buried in a Bio Urn. This urn is filled with your ashes and a
seed. Your ashes will help the seed to grow into a full tree. Another company will mix
your ashes with an environmentally friendly concrete. The final structure will be placed
in the ocean to act as a man-made reef where sea life can live and prosper.
Be A Rocket Man: A UK based company has decided to add some flare to the
afterlife. They will pack your ashes into a firework. The firework flies into the sky and

your ashes will help create a splendid display for all to see. It’s also a great way to spread
your ashes around your homeland and entertain guests at the same time.
Be An Actual Rocket Man: Going up in a blaze of glory not enough for you? Why not
go up all the way into space? Celestis will reserve a spot on a memorial rocket for your
cremated remains. They will then launch them into space. From here, your ashes can do a
few things. They can return to earth, orbit the earth, orbit the moon, land on the moon, or
go into the great unknown. All depending on which plan you want.
While these are all interesting there are plenty other options as well. If you don’t fancy
becoming a diamond or being launched into space. You can contact Dale Woodward for
a traditional burial or cremation.

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