Needing Support is Not a Weakness

There is an image that some have created today where we have to be the “ultimate survivor” and this means that we can’t accept help from others. We need to rely on no one else but ourselves and never show weakness. A time when this really shows is when we lose a loved one. Some of us will do our best to be that strong leader for everyone else. We don’t show weakness, we don’t show fear, we only show courage. The issue is that, being humans, we can’t keep on this path forever. When a structure starts to weaken, we help find ways to support it and build it back up. If we don’t do that for ourselves then it is only a matter of time before we break.  

We have to face the fact that we will all encounter a difficult time in our lives and we will need a little bit of help to get through it. There are currently over seven billion people on this planet and that number is growing. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have a friend or family member that we can lean on. Not only do we have the support there for us, in many ways it takes more strength to accept the help of others than it does it ignore it. Ignoring something is easy, all you have to do is nothing. Accepting or even just asking for help means reaching out beyond ourselves and letting someone else see that we can vulnerable in some way.

This is made all the more important because when we lose a loved one, we lose some of that support we have in our day to day lives. We need to let others in, to take the place of that support. They can’t replaced the loved one we have lost, but they can help keep us going the way they use to. They help you to adapt to the changes that the lost will bring and they might be needing a little help as well. So don’t be afraid to accept their help and support while also offering your own.

At Dale Woodward we have seen many friends and family come together during their time of tragedy. While they are missing a loved one, they come together and support each other. We work hard to help these families as well, making sure they have a proper funeral for their loved one, and making sure the process is as easy and stress free as possible.

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