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Life happens fast, so fast that we can't always take part in everything we want to be a part of. Sometimes this is something minor like not being able to get time off from work to go to a concert. Other times it can be major and mean us having to miss the funeral of a loved one. It is difficult because sometimes a family can be found all over the country. Mom and dad can be living in California, you can be living down in Florida, and your aunt that just passed away can be living up in New York. You would like to attend her funeral but you don't have $200 to get a round trip ticket to New York, not to mention the cost of food, getting around, etc and so on. You also don't have enough vacation days to cover your absence.


You could always watch the funeral on a live stream. You might be asking yourself "You mean watch a funeral on Facebook Live?" Really we can't blame you for that reaction. When you first say it, it sounds a bit off but in all reality, it's not a bad idea. We live in a world that lets us easily connect with people living all over the world. While we are not saying to live stream a loved one's funeral so all of Facebook can see, creating one that certain people can join can help connect friend and family over great distances. Like the scenario we described above, not everyone can attend a funeral when it's out of state. There are a lot of things to consider when we travel and sometimes it's just not possible to make it work.


Setting up a live broadcast for those who can't make it, however, is a simple and affordable solution. The greatest expense is the data needed to broadcast the funeral. You will need a good phone, tablet, Macbook, or laptop to make it work also. With all the people involved, though, we are sure at least one will have a device that is up to the task. From there it is just a matter of choosing what website or application you want to use for the live stream. Set the device up on a tripod, set up the stream, and send the invites out to join it.


Quick Tip: The end of a selfie stick will often times come off and screw onto a tripod so it can hold a smartphone.


It won't have the same effect as being there in person, but we all only get one funeral. People want to be a part of it any way they can to say their final goodbyes. So speak to the funeral director at Dale Woodward Funeral Home to see about setting up a live stream for the funeral.  

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