Keeping Positive with Positive Health

A growing trend among most generations that occupy the country today is healthy, all natural living. Some people take small parts of the idea, trying to eat more natural foods. Some people take it as far as they can go, wearing clothing made from all natural materials and doing various forms of exercise. From cardio to yoga, people are getting more invested in their bodies. It has gone from being just a good idea to being a trendy good idea. The hope behind the trend is that we will live happier, cleaner, and longer lives. There is really no doubt that it is a great idea to be healthy. Believe it or not, keeping good health is not only a great benefit to funeral home employees, it’s vital to our success.


Even in a sunny town like Daytona Beach, the funeral business doesn’t always make for the happiest mindset. So health is important, because a healthy body can influence a more positive mindset. It can get us out of the house, help us socialize, even make friends. It makes us feel better mentally and physically. Working in a funeral home isn’t exactly seen as a fun filled job, rather, it is seen on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. So keeping a healthy, positive mind in a funeral environment is vital to success. The same idea can be applied to someone going through the death of a loved one. It is a time of sorrow and mourning, which can cause many of us to pretty much shut down. It can lead to isolation, disinterest, and our body can begin to suffer because of the stress, the tendency to stay inside instead of out in the sun, and a typical lack of physical activity. While it is proper to mourn and be distressed at their passing, it is also important not to let it stop you from living your normal life.


   Of course, when we are distressed, it can be difficult to dedicate ourselves to an exercise program or to stay on a diet. When we are going through an emotionally trying time, a tub of ice cream can seem like a perfectly acceptable late night snack. A good way to counter this is to exercise and diet with a friend or friends. It is simple enough to avoid doing something when it only involves us. When it involves others, it becomes more important to make sure you don’t back out of it. While it is easy to exercise with someone, how do you diet with them? Furthermore, how do you keep yourself from cheating when they are not around? Doing regular weigh-ins to check your progress will help keep you focused on a goal, and keep you from indulging when alone.


   It’s not just about improving your mood, though, it benefits you in other areas that might suffer as a result of the emotional stress. While you can take some days off, you still have to go to work. Staying healthy can help keep you productive and focused at the office. You can’t take too many days off before it hurts your budget, and causes extra stress for your coworkers and company. It can also harm friendships and relationships if you become too distant.


   To help ease the burden, and keep you on a healthy, positive path, Dale Woodward Funeral Home will handle the funeral services for you. We will approach you and the deceased with compassion and understanding.

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