How A Funeral Helps With Grieving

Discover the benefits of a funeral for your grieving process.

It would be nice if anybody got out of this life alive, but the truth is none of us do. Ultimately, everybody deals with their hurt and loss in different ways in the weeks and months following a death, but the one thing most of us share is the funeral process.


But what do we actually get from having a funeral? What's the point of this process? Join us, today, as we break down the benefits of a funeral and why it is this tradition still persists.


Celebrating The Life Of The Deceased


One of the first benefits of a funeral is in getting to remember and celebrate the life of the person who lived. It may feel like a grim occasion, but we do it so that we can acknowledge the people in our lives who've passed on. Families reunite to recognize the role of the deceased in their lives.


Human lives have value. Mourning them is a way of recognizing that value and honoring their contributions to our own lives.


Recognizing Loss


Funeral services are actually a very constructive way to work against the denial we often feel when somebody close leaves us. You might find the reward in cases where the death was sudden or traumatic. You may simply find it when the person was very close to the members of their friends and family who they left behind. It cements the loss, makes it real, and helps to progress beyond the initial movements of our own pain.


Stability and Comfort


Rituals are an important part of creating and nurturing stability and comfort during times of uncertainty. They're predictable. Impactful. Meaningful in deep, significant ways, and require our focus in a manner that distracts from the pain of our losses. 


The Support Of Attending Family


A funeral process is designed to allow the bereaved family to say their goodbyes. Moreover, however, it gives them a chance to sympathize with and support each other, sharing stories, comforting, and crying with one another as necessary. This is an important step everyone gets to take towards total healing, together. 


Spiritual Impact


There's a lot to be said for the spiritual comfort offered to people of any religion. including atheists, during the funeral process. Simply burying the body doesn't create the same level of comfort as going through a funeral with your (and their) friends and loved ones. It's affirming but, most of all, offers closer on a deep-seated, spiritual level.


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