Funeral vs. Celebration of Life

Discover the differences between a funeral and a celebration of life, today, with Woodward Funeral Homes.

The passing of a loved one is never easy. We live with and around these people for years, sometimes our entire lives, and then suddenly we have to find a way to accept that they’ve passed. For some, this could happen surprisingly quickly. For others, it might take months or even years to fully process.


For almost everyone, the grieving process starts in a real way at the funeral service. In recent years, however, Celebrations of Life have begun replacing traditional funerals in many families. In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down the differences between these two services, so you can make a more informed choice in your time of need.


What Are Funerals?


For the most part, none of us wants to spend much time thinking about funerals. For the sake of today’s article, though, let’s take a closer look at what this common life event actually means.


A funeral service is a ceremony where the friends and loved ones of the deceased gather to say goodbye. These can be religious but don’t have to be, and usually take place before the burial or cremation. This is done so that the body can be present before being taken away.


What Are Celebrations of Life?


A celebration of life serves the same purpose as a funeral: to say goodbye to someone who’s passed in an intimate ceremony. The difference is in the way we say goodbye.


In a celebration of life, we forgo the formal ceremony for a more casual get-together. The body usually does not feature in the ceremony, as in a funeral. Instead, they’re usually buried or cremated in advance, and the celebration of life is a less formal farewell.

Funerals Vs. Celebrations of Life


Following the death of a loved one, it’s important that we get the chance to mourn. Some choose to gather for a burial, where they can say a solemn farewell before the burial. Others may choose to celebrate their lives at a less formal gathering, where the body has already been buried in advance.


No matter how you choose to do, the grieving process is extremely personal and completely up to you. For more on burial, cremation and celebration of life services, visit Volusia County’s premier funeral home, Woodward Funeral Services, today!

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