Cremation vs. Funeral

Choosing between a cremation and a burial is a very personal decision to make. There are lots of options. Cremation can be done in various ways, even in conjunction with a more traditional burial.


What are the differences between the two, though? Depending on which you choose, how will you know which choice is most appropriate you and your deceased? When our loved ones pass, the times ahead are always darker. With heavy hearts, families must plan funerals, find cemetery plots, and purchase a casket. Among the choices you’ll need to make is whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated.


Here are some factors to consider with burial vs. cremation.

Benefits of Cremation


Cremation can be a therapeutic process for the friends and family of the deceased. Instead of burying your loved one, a family may opt to keep their cremains with them for years to come. It might sound morbid, but this is a way to hold onto something physical, which can be comforting to many people.


It is also much less expensive to forgo a funeral in favor of cremation. Burial costs can compound when you consider the prices of headstones, caskets, and cemetery plots. These will not be needed in the event of a cremation, bringing the overall cost down.


Cremation is also considered more environmentally friendly, since the land that would be going to a cemetery plot is not being disturbed. Instead of funerals, memorial services can take place anywhere, as a way of remembrance for the passed loved ones.


Burials can still take place. Many families decide that they still want to bury the cremains of their deceased. This also comes with the choice to have a funeral or not.

Choice of the Deceased


The first thing to consider when it comes to a funeral or memorial is the wishes of the deceased person. What would they have wanted? Did they leave behind any requests? It is important to know these things while they are alive so that planning their funeral can be made simpler.

Choice of the Family

When it is the family’s call to make between a burial or a cremation, a decision must be made as to how and when the memorial will take place. In some cases, cremations can be done after a funeral service if the family wants to have an open casket. It all depends on the specific wishes of the family and whether they w wants a private or public showing.

Burial vs. Cremation


With cremation becoming more accessible, more affordable, and more  convenient, it is no wonder more and more people are choosing it over burial. That isn’t to cast burials in a negative light, however - ultimately, the best choice to make is one that works for you, your loved ones, and the wishes of the deceased.


With the help of Dale Woodward Cremation and Funeral Services, you can ensure the memory of your loved ones will be preserved forever. Visit our website today for more on how we can help you through this troubling time in your life.

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