Cremation: Ashes To Ashes Then What?

A hot topic that can arise when it comes to a funeral. Should we place someone on the ground or go with cremation? Some people can get fired up at the thought of going through cremation. They prefer to go the more traditional funeral. Other people are fine with cremation and actually, prefer it. The question many ask is what can you do about a funeral when you choose cremation? Is there something that can be done in place of lowering someone on the ground?


For one option, you can lower the urn into the ground. Some people still choose to bury the urn the same way a casket would be. Friends and family gather around and have the funeral service like with a casket.


Another more popular option is to spread the ashes somewhere. The friends or family will take the urn and head to a specific location to spread them out over the landscape. Sometimes this can be a lake or ocean. Sometimes it can be off a cliff so they scatter into the wind. Before scattering the ashes friends and family will speak about the deceased person. When spreading ashes it is always a good idea to make sure whoever owns the property allows it. It’s more respectful to ask permission. No one wants to find out your relative's ashes are scattered on their property. Imagine how it would feel to you and give landowners the same respect. If it is in a state park like area, inquire with the local city hall.


 Another option is to hold a memorial with the urn. A memorial can be held anywhere the family wishes to have it. A common place to hold one is at the gravestone of the loved one. They will have a traditional gravestone with the urn placed on top. The friends & family gather around to say their  say goodbye to the recently deceased.


 Regardless of how you wish to handle the cremation Dale Woodward can help. Make the process simple and give your loved ones a beautiful goodbye.

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