COVID Celebration of Life Options

celebration of life with candle lit service

The loss of a loved one comes with many emotions. Here at Woodward Cremation and Funeral Services, we understand. It is our job to deliver the best quality service to honor your loved one and safeguard you during your time of loss.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, our governments have enforced new regulations on businesses and public gathering places. These adjustments may affect:

  • Ability to gather
  • Size of gathering
  • Modifying funeral or celebration sites

Quarantine will no longer stop you from paying your respects. There are still many other ways in which you can celebrate your loved one’s life while keeping yourself and your family safe. We will share with you some of our COVID celebration of life options to help create a personalized plan.

What is a Celebration of Life?   

A celebration of life gives you, family, and friends time to celebrate your loved one uniquely. These events mix formal and informal services to personalize the grieving process. No celebration of life is the same in that they are different in the way that you choose to honor your beloved.

Celebrations can be held at any point after a loved one’s passing. You may find it best to wait a few days after burial, cremation, or the year anniversary. It is up to your discretion. Examples of a celebration of life services might include:

  • Candlelit service
  • Sharing memories or stories
  • Having people contribute to a memory box or book
  • Having people bring pictures or personal items

Every celebration of life service is special to the person who is being honored. Our services can help you plan an event individualized to your needs.

Virtual Service

Advancements in technology have shown that virtual communication is the safest route during quarantine conditions. Many people can communicate at once through the use of video software such as Zoom. This software allows for mass communications with no personal contact at all.

Holding a virtual celebration of life service has many benefits, including:

  • Keeping all parties safe with no physical contact
  • Minimizing the risk of contracting the virus from intermingling
  • Allowing people to join from anywhere

Virtual services or celebrations such as these are the lowest risks, ranked by the CDC, making it the best option for ultimate protection against contracting COVID-19

Admiring From a Distance

An in-person celebration may be best for those seeking more physical support. Funeral and cremation agencies can implement new ways to protect you, family, and friends by adhering to CDC regulations and guidelines.

Within a public setting, you must maintain a 6-foot distance between others at all times. Ways in which we can achieve this include:

Using designated floor markers and chairs

  • Having the celebration of life in an outdoor area
  • Having a smaller gathering
  • Allowing for specific families or individuals to visit together at once

Risk factors from contracting COVID do increase when you enter a public setting. But it should not stop you from seeking the comfort you need.

COVID Celebration of Life Options: Precaution Tips

We understand that there may be times when social distancing is not possible. Protect yourself as much as possible by taking a few easy precautionary measures, including:

  • Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth
  • Washing your hands
  • Avoiding unnecessary contact

These simple steps can keep you, family, and friends protected during the celebration of life.

Keep in mind the many COVID celebration of life options you have to honor your loved one. We promise to help you find a personalized plan that best fits your family’s needs. Visit us today on our Daytona Beach website to plan a celebration of life and discuss the options you have.


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