Celebration of Life

Every culture approaches death in its own way. Some approach it in mourning while some do so in celebration. These cultures don’t directly celebrate a person’s death. Well, unless you’re three feet tall and being oppressed by a wicked witch. The last time that happened was 1939 though.  Rather they choose to celebrate the life of the deceased. To remember what they contributed to the world.


They do this with an Celebration of Life. What is an Celebration of Life? Must like the name, it’s a celebration of someone’s life. They can be held either in place of a funeral, or afterwards.


Some people need to grieve. In these instances a Celebration of Life can be done after a traditional funeral. This gives people time to mourn and time to celebrate. It lets us experience both emotional spectrums. Something we miss when we only have a funeral. It can also help lift us up after the mourning at a funeral. So what do we do at a Celebration of Life?

It’s like any other celebration. There is food and drink for the guests. Decorations to liven up the location. You also need a way for people to speak to the guests. Some sort of stage or designated area. You also have to decide who will be telling the stories. Will it be certain people, open house, or both? Many will decide to appoint certain speakers. People who knew the deceased personally. After they speak, they will open the stage to other people.

Before a Celebration of Life, funeral arrangements have to be made. Work with Dale Woodward Funeral Services to arrange the funeral of a loved one. We will help make the process easier so you can focus on other matters related to the funeral.

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