Approach Grief with Mindfulness

There are seven billion people on this world, and that number is growing. No two people are exactly alike. We all have traits that make us different. This also reflects how we see the world and react to it. Some see a flower and photograph it. Some bury their nose in it to take in it’s scent. A few carry on down the sidewalk without noticing it. This holds true for less thought about, yet often visited topics. The topic we are approaching today, mourning.

When we lose a loved one, it’s typical for us to mourn for them. How we mourn for them differs from person to person. Even family members will each mourn in their own way. What drives how we mourn changes as well. Sometimes we follow the culture we grew up in. Other times it depends on the departed’s impact on our lives. Regardless, we have to handle it the right way.

It is best to approach mourning with mindfulness. What does that mean exactly?

Mindfulness: A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Now what does that mean exactly? When it comes to grief and mourning it’s easy to get lost in certain things. We look at the past and get lost in the memories. We look toward the future with uncertainty. We don’t stop to look at the present. We don’t focus on what we are feeling now or what is around us. Mindfulness is living in that present moment. Being aware of yourself and those around you. Your grief is in this moment. It won’t get any easier trying to live in another time.

How do you achieve mindfulness in grief? Some of you might be thinking this is going to end up being a yoga ad. I can tell you this would be the weirdest place for that. Though I do hear We Are Yoga in Ormond Beach is pretty good. Free weird yoga ad right there. But while yoga and meditation are two common ways for mindfulness. They are not the only ways. Again, we all approach things differently. When we are handling funeral arrangements we might not have time for either of those. We have to force ourselves into the mindset.

In all this can be difficult because we have to live in the moments of grief. This is also the only place we can begin to cope as well though. So remember to live in this moment. To be aware of what you are feeling so you can head toward coping with loss. While you are on this journey, we will help where we can. Contact Dale Woodward to handle your funeral. We will help give you room to breathe and handle your grief. We also have resources to help with grief. Click Here to learn how we can help.

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