An Overview Of Funerals

A breakdown of funerals.

A funeral is a ceremony that helps us commemorate someone who has died. They usually take place before burials or cremations, typically a few days after the death itself. And, because most of us won’t go to too many of these in quick succession, it’s pretty common not to know all that much about how they actually work.

So, let's take a closer look at exactly what a funeral involves, and what your options are.


For the most part, funerals are held in funeral homes, churches, chapels or at facilities on the site of the grave itself. These places are specially equipped for these services and the logistics that come with them.

Traditional Features of a Funeral

For some services, the coffin can be set up at the front of the room from the beginning, while in others, friends and family may bring in the coffin. During the service, people may pray, sing praise, or read passages from scripture. At the end of the service, pallbearers will bring the body to a waiting hearse which will drive it to the cemetery for burial. In the case of a cremation, the body will go to a crematorium, instead.


A lot of the time, funerals begin with a view, vigil or visit, with the body on display for guests who want to “say goodbye”. This can take place in a funeral home, a church, or even in your own home. If you follow any religion, keep in mind that visits or vigils may not actually feature as part of this culture. 

Funerals Followed by Burials

In the case of a burial, a brief service is usually performed at the site of the grave. This service may be limited to the immediate family or may include all of the service’s guests. An officiator may recite prayers or readings, and the body will be lowered into the ground.

Funerals Followed by Cremations

In the case of cremation, the body is usually taken directly from the funeral to the crematorium. Family members can meet at the crematorium to pray or watch the cremation, if they wish.

The Reception

After the burial, it is common to have a reception. These can be held at a funeral home, church, family home or other suitable location. This will need the fewest facilities in order to carry out, as it is simply a get together for everyone to pay their respects.

If you're looking for more information on funerals, cremations, and the memorial process, feel free to reach out to us, or check out some more of our excellent blog content, today!

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