Always in Style: Cremation Jewelry

Jewelry is a way for someone to express themselves. Whether that be to make a statement or to have something sentimental, a lot of times it revolves around remembrance. While jewelry can be a reminder of a happy time, like a wedding ring, it can also carry a memory of those who may no longer be here, but have shaped the person we are today.  

Cremation jewelry is increasingly becoming one of the most popular ways to carry on the memory of someone that has passed away. It is a way to physically be close and always have their memory close by. The days are long gone of cremains only being placed in an urn. Some families are increasingly asking for jewelry for children or grandchildren. There are several types and options that we will explore further.


Types of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation necklaces, bracelets, and rings 

These are usually made out of some kind of metal and have a screw top that can be removed to have a small amount of cremains placed inside. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can look like something traditional like a jewel, religious such as a cross, or a charm on a bracelet. These are typically very unsuspecting and look like a typical piece of jewelry you would get from a store.  


Fingerprint Jewelry 

Thumbies- One of the most popular necklaces or bracelets at the funeral home are what we call Thumbies. Before your loved one is cremated the funeral home will get a fingerprint of your loved one. This fingerprint can then be used to create several pieces of jewelry such as oval, heart, or cross shaped pedants with the print on it, rings with the imprint on top or continuous on the band, rings, cufflinks, knives, or even a money clip. The prints could also be on hand or foot prints if the family wishes. Before cremation getting this print helps preserve a piece of your loved one and carry it with you.


Glass Blown Jewelry

Glass blown jewelry is a relatively new trend that families are increasingly choosing as an alternative way to typically integrate ashes and jewelry. After your loved one is cremated, a small amount of cremains is shipped away to be integrated in a piece of jewelry during the blowing process. This piece is then returned to the family with a chain that can be worn. The glass blown jewelry is extremely customizable and comes in variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.


These are just a few popular cremation jewelry options that are available. Traditional urns, green biodegradable urns, and keepsakes are some of the other options available in addition to or instead of cremation jewelry. If you are looking to explore these options or any funeral or cremation service in the Daytona Beach or Ormond Beach area, visit Dale Woodward Funeral Homes and Cremation Services or call our either of our offices to schedule a visit or to discuss options further.

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