All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

Your funeral is quite literally a once in a lifetime event, so you are going to want to dress accordingly for it. Rather, you are going to want to get dressed accordingly. When a loved one passes, it must be decided what they are going to be buried in. There are multiple ways to decide this. It all really depends on the person who is to be buried and the person’s family. Should you make sure they are wearing the nicest clothes money can afford, or should they be dressed in something a little more personal to them? On top of that, what do their religious beliefs dictate they be buried in? Sometimes picking an outfit to be buried in can be the hardest outfit to pick out.


   You definitely want them to look their best at their funeral, and for some, that means purchasing an outfit just for the funeral. It is a wonderful way to buy them one last gift before they go on to their respective afterlife. You can go almost anywhere as long as you have their proper measurements to get a new outfit for them. Just remember that time might be an issue since they do have to be buried before long and they need time to prepare the loved one for the funeral.


   Some people might prefer to have their loved ones buried in a familiar outfit they already own. If they are a church-going family, they might choose to send their loved one off in their Sunday best. Typically we dress up when we go to church so not only is it a nice outfit to be buried one, it is one the departed as a personal attachment to. Some people have some superstition about their jewelry or clothing. They might have a lucky Jersey they wore every time they watched a football game that would be okay to be buried in. It might not seem formal but in modern day the outfits people are taking with them to the grave tend to lean more toward expression and comfort than a formality.


   People have been known to have their deceased loved ones buried in items such as their parents' favorite slippers or even blue jeans. In some ways, it makes sense that they would want their loved ones to take that long journey in comfort. At the same time, you must consider that many burial customs are not for the deceased but for the living. How we see our loved one for the last time can affect how we cope with the passing. At the end of the day, how the deceased is dressed will have little effect on the deceased themselves. They are off on their next grand adventure. What is left here is left for us, not for them.


   When you decide on an outfit for your loved one to take to the grave, bring it to the funeral director so they can be dressed up in it. Sometimes the outfit might be a little bit small or a little bit large, but can still be used. Because the person in question won’t be moving around the size has some area to play with. For the rest of the funeral arrangements, contact Dale Woodward today.

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