6 Funeral Terms You Might Not Know

funeral terms

Planning a funeral can be a difficult time for grieving family and friends of the deceased. It can feel overwhelming and confusing trying to understand all of the new terms of planning a funeral. 

Today we will be discussing 6 different funeral terms that will allow you to understand better what is taking place without feeling overwhelmed.

Term #1: Arrangement Conference

When a loved one or friend passes away, the first thing that many families do is prepare for a funeral. To do this, they must meet with a funeral director to arrange the plans carried out during the funeral.

During these meetings, everything from visitation, burial, cremation, and much more are discussed to understand better what the deceased's family wants to happen.

Term #2: Eulogy

A Eulogy is a speech prepared by either a family, friend, close acquaintance, or clergy. In this speech, the reader honors the deceased by speaking about their life, personality, and what they meant to that person. Every speech is different and is created in remembrance of the deceased. This can be a crucial moment to uplift everyone’s spirits and lighten the mood by remembering the good.

Term #3: Funeral Procession

After the funeral service has taken place, the deceased is transported to their final resting place. Often the deceased is in one car, and family and friends will follow behind them. Depending on the number of vehicles, there might be an escort with the procession to ensure that everyone stays together.  

Term #4: Green Funeral

In today’s society, people are more conscious of their carbon footprint. A green funeral is a term that is referred to a funeral service that is more environmentally friendly.

An example of this is using biodegradable material during the burial process. Unlike non-biodegradable coffins, this will be able to disintegrate over time, causing little to no harm to the environment.

Term #5: Undertaker

The undertaker is also known as the funeral director. For most family and friends arranging a funeral, this person is the first contact for planning. The funeral directors make sure that the full service runs smoothly.

Term #6: Immediate Burial

The death of a loved one can be a difficult thing to reconcile with. Therefore, immediate burial is another option if you do not want to have a traditional funeral service. Typically, the body does not go through the embalming process; there is no viewing service and no funeral. At most, there will be a graveside service held for family, friends, and others to say their goodbyes.


If this is the first funeral you are planning or merely saying your goodbyes to your loved one, you should not feel overwhelmed by these new terms. Here at Woodward Cremation and Funeral Services, we have helped families throughout the grieving process in the Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach area for over 60 years. Contact us today to find out more about our cremation and burial services.

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