5 Alternatives To Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are a steady tradition in funerals the United States and all across the world.
Friends and family often send sympathy flowers directly to those grieving, or even send
floral tributes to the funeral director to be included in the service.
Be that as it may, flower arrangements may not always reflect the right way to show you
care. Perhaps you know your grieving friend doesn’t like flowers and you’re worried it
would be seen it as a waste. Some grieving people are sensitive to the sight of wilting
flowers as they are too reminiscent of death in the days and weeks after the funeral.
You also might just be looking for a unique way of showing that you care.
Here are five alternative sympathy gifts for grieving friends and family that will let them
know you’re thinking of them:

Potted Plants
Flower arrangements truly are a beautiful thoughtful gift but the issue is that they will
inevitably wilt and die. Sometimes throwing away those flowers can feel too final. It’s as
if the funeral is now really over and your loved one is gone for good.
However, a potted plant is more long-lasting alternative! Potted plants will brighten up a
room long after all the flower arrangements have wilted. Also, keep in mind that those
grieving might be too preoccupied to remember to water it. Be sure to pick a tough plant
that doesn’t require too much maintenance. Jade Plants, Crown of Thorns, and most
kinds of succulents are a few good examples.
Cooking for those who are in morning is a wonderful, practical way to lend a hand and
to support in the days and weeks after the funeral.
Aside from sympathy flowers, send a basket of fresh baked muffins or cookies to the
grieving family or loved one. If they like to keep it healthy, then a basket of fruit is
equally as thoughtful. Always be sure to include a heartfelt message with you
condolences with either.

Consider making some pre-prepared meals that can be kept in the fridge or freezer in
the weeks leading up to and after the funeral. Whenever they can’t find the energy to
cook for themselves they can heat up what you made them.
This act will ease their burden tremendously as simple things like cooking seem
impossible during the loss of a loved one. Classics dinners that you can make include
lasagne, casserole of any kind, and shepherd’s pie. These recipes can easily. be
prepared in advance and heated up.

Donating To Charity
Nowadays, instead of spending money on flowers, many people have resorted to make
a charitable donation instead of buying and sending flowers. Choose a worthy cause
that was close to your family members or friend’s heart. If the person who died was
battling a particular illness, then it would be appropriate to donate to charities
researching a cure.
There may be the option of online obituaries that provide a donation option. This would
allow the grieving family to direct donations in their loved one’s memory.

Decorative Candles
Just like flowers, candles are traditionally associated with mourning and are a longer-
lasting tribute. For some people, taking the time to reflect while lighting a candle is a
positive way to remembrance for a loved one.
There are many candle gift sets available that are specifically designed for those who
are grieving. You can send one a thoughtful quote inscribed on them, or one in an
angel, star or dove shape. Alternatively, you might choose a calming aromatherapy

Blankets, Pillows or Stuffed Toys

A little bit of comfort can help tremendously during a time of grief. Gifting a special
blanket, pillow or teddy bear can be held tight to, provide physical and emotional

comfort. The blankets, pillows and stuffed toys can be embroidered with quotes about
grief and comfort on them.
Some people even embroider their own message onto a pillow or teddy. This type of gift
is especially effective when the one grieving is a child.

5 Alternatives To Sympathy Flowers
Grieving is a difficult process. No two people go through them the same way. With that in mind,
why should sympathy flowers be your only option to provide comfort during a deeply painful
time. Visit Woodward Funeral Homes for the most affordable funeral services and products.

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