3 Common Myths About Advance Funeral Planning

Advance funeral planning

Processing a death in the family or with a close friend is always difficult. There's no right or wrong way to do it and, so long as you're taking care of yourself, the best thing to do is just to go with your feelings.

However, there are several things many people misunderstand, going into a funeral. It's uncommon territory for most of us, and it can be easy to believe some of the myths about how a funeral or cremation is carried out. So, join us today, as we break down three of the biggest myths about advance funeral planning, so you can make an informed choice, going in.

It's Too Difficult To Talk About Death

Before we start this point, we'd like to make it clear: we don't think death is easy to talk about. This is one of the most difficult processes many people will go through in their entire lives. But communication is key, and that is always worth the effort. Remember: your family and loved ones are people, too, and they need some of your focus during this difficult time. People are communal and they tend to lean on each other during difficult times. But, if you lock up, it's likely they'll have a much more difficult time processing their emotions.

It's best to be tactful. Talk about the important things but, when things get too heavy, maybe take a break by changing the topic over to funeral arrangements. This kind of opening up and consideration can help to reduce the pain and uncertainty your family will experience during something like this.

So, while it's understandable that many of you may want to clam up and not discuss the difficult process of someone's death, it's worth considering how much good you can do by communicating.

You Already Know Their Wishes

Choosing between a burial or a cremation is a question that will almost inevitably come up during the funeral conversation for many people. Obviously there are a lot of other things to consider during this time, but there is a common issue that can come up at this point. And that's families assuming they know their loved ones' preferences of burial or cremation.

When was the last time you and the deceased talked about their wishes before they passed?" Often, enough time has passed that the wishes of the friend or family member have changed completely. And, even if they still want to be cremated, were you aware of where they wanted their ashes scattered? Did they have specific wishes for a gravesite?

Do your best to actively research their wishes. Speak to their spouse, immediate family, or friends and make sure you know exactly what they wanted, even if you feel sure you knew them better than anybody.

There's No Need To Preplan

You're financially stable, if not well off, and it could be easy to assume you don't need to worry too much about funeral costs ahead of time. Don't believe the hype, though. Advance funeral planning is an important part of the process, regardless of your financial status.

Making final arrangements in advance means you'll have your budget, invitations, and other arrangements in place. You'll be able to plan out the funeral in accordance with the deceased's wishes and arrange for the procession in a way that works for everyone involved. Even when someone is sick for a long time, it's hard to predict when and how someone will pass.

Also, many people choose to pay for their own funerals in advance. Once again, this may seem strange, but the truth is it's a thoughtful way to make sure your family isn't left paying a bill while they try to process their grief. It might not be a real option for some, which is understandable but, if it fits your budget, this is something you can give to your family before leaving.

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